Photometry Filter

Lumen (lm)Colour Temperature (K)DistributionPower (W)Efficacy (llm/W)IESBIM
8062,700Forward Throw6.5153
1,3502,700Forward Throw10.3153
2,2232,700Forward Throw18153
3,4272,700Forward Throw25153

Key Features

Featuring a patented Transition Zone the Denver iD: Wall offers improved visual comfort and lower perceived glare; perfect for the unique requirements of pedestrian-friendly amenity spaces.

Coupled with the latests LED technologies, smart controls integration and class-leading optical performance the new Denver iD: Wall truly brings together form and a feature rich luminaire system.

The Denver iD: Family consists of Pole, Wall and Bollard luminaires, offering the complete solution to your next outdoor environment.

  • Lumen packages from 700 - 3,000 lumens with efficacies of up to 130 lumens per Watt.
  • 5 optimised optical distributions (Symmetric, Asymmetric, Long & Narrow and High Beam Long & Narrow) delivered by quality LEDs with individual lenses behind a high-transparency hydrophilic glass cover.
  • Patented Transition Zone helps to achieve improved visual comfort and lower perceived glare.
  • 2-part body construction ensures ease of installation of the luminaire to a suitable surface.
  • A removable/upgradeable LED module and easy access to gear compartment ensures that key components can be removed and replaced if required.
  • Integrated ZD4i compatibility via the TZ01 option. Compatibility with a range of 3rd party photocells, devices and sensors.
  •  Integrated 1hr & 3hr emergency options.
  • Compatible with Controlux Air.
  • Developed with fully integrated presence detectors.





Holophane Denver iD: Wall consists of a 2-part body and a removable LED module manufactured from LM6 marine grade die-cast aluminium with integrated thermal management properties. The LED module optical arrangement consists of LEDs with individual PMMA optical lenses surrounded by a patented white Transition Zone to reduce perceived glare. This is sealed behind high-transparency ‘hydrophilic’ glass. Both luminaire body and LED module are sealed to IP65 and rated IK10. Drivers and LED are mounted separately from each other to promote low operating temperatures and long system life.  Mounting of the luminaire is facilitated by mounting the back casting of luminaire to suitable surface. Cable entry and termination to the luminaire is a via an 2 x IP65 20mm cable gland. Access to the luminaire is via 2 x nuts.

3000K or warmer must be selected for IDA dark sky certification.

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Note: The specifications of the Holophane luminaire represents typical values. All descriptions, illustrations, ,drawings and specifications in the Holophane catalogue and website represent only general particulars of the goods to which they apply and shall not form part of any contract. The company reserves the right to change specifications at its discretion without prior notification or public announcement.


Lighting Design

Holophane offer a comprehensive and professional lighting design service. Our experienced and qualified lighting designers are on hand to provide full project support ranging from simple calculation plots to full complex lighting designs.


Product Matching

Holophane’s history lies in it being the first company to give practical application to the principles of the prism as the ultimate means of light control, harnessing and redirecting the output of light source by prismatic means to provide the best in cost effective, efficient lighting.


More light, less Investment

We believe that our products are better, more cost-effective and longer-lasting. And we'd like you to put that to the test.