Photometry Filter

Lumen (lm)Colour Temperature (K)DistributionPower (W)Efficacy (llm/W)IESBIM

Key Features

Prismashield™ Elite can withstand severe physical attack, exposure to weather and vibration.

  • Suitable for areas prone to vandalism
  • Versatile mounting locations
  • Suitable for mounting end to end in continuous runs without compromising IP
  • Flexible on-site wiring and installation
  • Maintained lighting through power cuts
  • Reduces cleaning costs IP659
  • Fully weatherproof with high impact resistance
  • Allows integration of cabling for power, communications, emergency & controls as part of the luminaire installation
  • Can be cut to size on site allowing easy and versatile installation
  • Allows secure access to luminaire during maintenance or lamp change
  • Complete lens and door assembly can be replaced
  • Allows tooless access to gear and DIN-rail without having to remove lamps or reflector assembly

Versatile product dependent on application and environment




The luminaire shall consist of an extruded aluminium body combined with LM6 die cast aluminium end caps. The electronic control gear is mounted directly to the luminaire body extrusion. Three 20mm o/d cable entry points to luminaire body and Two 20mm o/d entry points on each end casting to allow through wiring. Integrated DIN rail into luminaire body extrusion. The optics shall be available in either a 3mm thick polycarbonate diffuser lens with internal prisms or a 4.7mm thick frosted (laminated) glass lens that is housed in a complete aluminium framed door assembly that hinges down for ease of maintenance. A choice of T5 or T8 lamps are mounted in a toolless hinged aluminium reflector assembly that provides a symmetric or asymmetric distribution. Bespoke LED system developed around the existing luminaire housing providing a symmetric distribution.

An IP rating of 659 for PFL versions and 65X for the FGL version shall be achieved with one piece gasket providing a constant seal. The luminaire shall be suitable for surface or cornice mounting with the ability to through wire, for continuous run mounting, and have the ability to used in conjunction with a bespoke Cable Management System and infill panels.

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Note: The specifications of the Holophane luminaire represents typical values. All descriptions, illustrations, ,drawings and specifications in the Holophane catalogue and website represent only general particulars of the goods to which they apply and shall not form part of any contract. The company reserves the right to change specifications at its discretion without prior notification or public announcement.


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Holophane offer a comprehensive and professional lighting design service. Our experienced and qualified lighting designers are on hand to provide full project support ranging from simple calculation plots to full complex lighting designs.


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Holophane’s history lies in it being the first company to give practical application to the principles of the prism as the ultimate means of light control, harnessing and redirecting the output of light source by prismatic means to provide the best in cost effective, efficient lighting.


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